Red Velvet London tries Moroccan Roots’ 100% Argan Oil


To all wondering how Moroccan Roots’ 100% Argan Oil can benefit you, have a read on what Red Velvet London has to say about it:

100% Organic Moroccan Argon Oil For Hair, Skin, anti-aging, Nail Care!

Red Velvet London X Moroccan Roots

Red Velvet London X Moroccan Roots

I have heard amazing things about Moroccan Roots but have never got around to using it. Maybe perhaps, I never gave it a chance to get to know what it’s all about. Kindly, my sister Isabella from Rockin’ That Gem gave me this to try out and whilst reading what it is for, I was very surprised by its multi-functional purposes! It is basically an all in one hair, body, beauty, nail care!! I might as well throw my lotions, conditioners, cuticle oils in the bin if this Moroccan oil does the trick. So, I have decided to give it all a test to see if it is what it claims to be.

Nail Care – It is claimed to strengthen nails as well as conditioning the cuticles. I had a very long day of nail shooting not so long ago, of which I had 6 nail wraps applied and removed by acetone each time. I am sure it had weaken my nails and doesn’t feel as strong as it use to be. I have been applying the Argan oil on my cuticles and gently rubbed it on my nails. To my surprise, it has strengthened, moisturised and restored the natural shine for healthier looking nails naturally after a week of use.

Moisturising – It is rich in Omega 6 and Vitamin E which has proven to hydrate the skin. It can be used as a daily moisturiser which is perfect, as this cold weather has been drying out my skin quite easily, especially my legs. Once again, the oil has left my skin feeling soft, smooth and intensely moisturised whilst maintaining my summer tan (I like to think so!)

Red Velvet London X Moroccan Roots

I am so glad I have had a chance to sample the Argan oil, it is scent free and easy to apply with a squeezy pipette whilst chilling at home with my warm fluffy socks from Joules. Have you tried Argan oil before? Here is their Facebook Page for more information Here .

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