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Our Mission

At Moroccan Roots, our mission is to design surf-inspired apparel that embody our deep love and appreciation for the ocean. By infusing our designs with the spirit of adventure and the joy of riding the waves, we aim to ignite a sense of wonder and encourage individuals to embrace the surfing experience as a way to explore their own potential and foster a deep connection with nature.

In addition to our commitment to surfing, we believe in the power of collaboration and cultural preservation. We are proud to work hand-in-hand with small Moroccan artisans who specialize in unique, handcrafted accessories. By partnering with these talented artisans, we not only ensure the preservation of traditional craftsmanship but also create stable income and opportunities for them. 

 We recognize the importance of giving back. With each purchase, a percentage of the proceeds goes directly to our Moroccan artisan partners. This support empowers them to enhance their livelihoods and make a positive impact within their communities.