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Moroccan Roots

Kilim and Leather Moroccan Pouf

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Add a traditional Moroccan touch to your home with our range of gorgeous hand stitched leather poufs. The Moroccan pouf is a versatile piece of furniture that will fit perfectly wherever you decide to place it. 

It can be placed in the bedroom, living room, office space or any other space around your house. Whether it is used as a side table, extra seat, footrest, or just as a decorative piece, your space will strike up admiration and curiosity from your guests.

Crafted from natural leather, these Moroccan poufs are a stylish way to bring an exotic and eclectic touch to your home.

 All our poufs are shipped unstuffed. 

Unsure what to stuff your pouf with? Don't worry, it is super easy! here are some different options:

1. Open the zipper located at the bottom of your pouf.

2. Use clothing you are not currently using, or clothes you don't have a need for. 

3. Use towels, sheets or linens (might help free up some space in your closet)

4. Use polyester stuffing (available at your local fabric store)

Dimensions are displayed in the last picture.

All the leather goes through a 100% natural dying process where different kinds of spices and vegetables will be used to ensure vibrant, and beautiful colors. For example, Poppy Flower (Red) Saffron (Yellow) Mint (Green) Henna (Orange) Cedar Wood (Brown) etc.